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Why a great coach can not be replicated - I don’t see you, I feel you.

As we reach the end of the year, it’s a natural time to be introspective. To look back and consider our year, and look forward reflecting on what we desire in our future life. No one has it all mapped out, and even when mapped out, with time we change our views or the world changes beneath our feet.

It hasn’t been an easy few years, and with no idea what the future will bring, being well supported and coached is a prerequisite for all of us. But who do you go too for this support and coaching. There are numerous people clambering for your attention, in this new paradigm where attention is the currency. It is vital to be selective about your choice.

So what does a great coach look like? Well there is no superficial way to determine the right coach for you, it has to be a deeper consideration. For myself, education is foundational, I value knowledge, which is why I choose to study and become accredited before stepping out as a professional coach. Now, as coaching is not yet a protected title, many individuals label themselves as coaches with no formal education. They may have experience, that is true, but I personally feel the foundation of education is very important. A lot of people have used clever marketing tactics, quite famous coaches too, so do background check the certifications, and any affiliations with coaching bodies.

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why a great coach can not be replicated

Irrespective of education, becoming a coach is not an easy feat. Had I taken my coaching diploma early than I did, I doubt I would have reached the same depth of self awareness or insight during my practice. I bought my lived experience with me, and that experience was so much more expansive than just my professional career. I hadn’t known it at the time, but my personal development journey began well before my coaching accreditation.

I have always been fascinated with how the mind words, how people connect, and a curiosity and excitement around truly living.

For me, if there is no joy in the process then why invest time or money. I wonder if that’s why so many leaders, managers or even coaches struggle with coaching - they miss the element of playing to learn. The experiential nature of being human, this can not be book taught or learnt, it is innate. When we have reached an acute level of self awareness, we can truly let go or our previous limiting beliefs, and that is when freedom begins.

The freedom to reach new heights, to be our authentic selves, to build strong supportive relationships and to be the pillars and role models for others. Are you ready to be that coach-led leader, because the world needs you to be.

A good coach will take you on a journey, because they too are on that journey. Self-discovery, well that never stops, you just get closer and closer to understanding the world, nature, the elements, people and yourself. I have been continuously learning. If we consider coach relatable courses, since my accreditation I have explored embodiment, mindfulness, liberating structures, design thinking, facilitation, trauma healing, race and resilience, and numerous diversity and inclusion courses, books, literature and personal stories. This is just to name a few, I am life long learner and any coach worth their salt will be too.

Let us go outside of education for a minute, how many people do you know that have outstanding communication skills. From the moment you meet them you feel seen and heard instantly. Look out for that, because with the right coach, that should be the connection. They will have a certain presence that you won’t be able to pin point, partly because they have learnt to self manage and regulate their emotions, and partly because these are individuals who bring a clean and pure energy exchange. I have a true curiosity and desire to connect with people, and not because I am coach. I have always done this whether as my role as an optometrist or an English teacher or as traveller exploring the world.

In every moment you will see me engaging with our humans in a heart felt sense. What is life, if not sense making joy.

Great coaches are open minded, and non judgemental, you will see this in the way they ask questions rather than make assumptions about you. And it will be felt in the way they skilfully listen to you. I don’t pre plan my sessions, sure I have a whole skill set and a ton of models for all situations, but true listening involves being in the moment with you. It is integral for the process to work well, for coaching is a partnership. If there is one thing that I believe in, it is the practice of applying what you have learnt straight away, because without that the learning is just theory and of no use to anyone, especially you. Life is for living. Find a great coach.

Jasmine Gill is an Executive, Team & Life Coach, who helps individuals consciously evolve, transform and connect to their purpose. She supports organisations that are ready to be truly inclusive. Get the support to be the leader you were always meant to be. It is time to shine.

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