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"Jasmine has a wonderful way of connecting with others & to sense into the moment, gently leading one to obtain new insights. She is dedicated and trustworthy with a comforting presence. The group spaces were diverse and felt safe. Jasmine’s coaching sessions & facilitation style played a critical role in assisting me to stay grounded, amidst the turbulence that we experienced in 2020."


"Really enjoyed the workshop sessions. Jasmine has a great ability to bring together a diverse group of people to discuss different perspectives.  The sessions have been full of new insights and inspiration, a great creative exchange. Jasmine's ability to hold the space and energy in the room made it a great experience for learning, looking forward to the next sessions."

"Jasmine has been a great facilitator as she asked pertinent questions & held a healthy space for us all to express our thoughts freely during our sessions.  We shared our thoughts on stress management and emotional control. I thank Jasmine for the opportunity to share and to grow personally and professionally as I participated in these group meetings."  

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Jasmine consistently brought enthusiasm and energy when facilitating, creating a coaching space that felt both safe and yet fun.  She was not afraid to embrace new technologies to facilitate our learner experience and she always bought her whole self to the conversation.  In the workshops we collaboratively explored new and creative ways of coaching and learning whilst actively supporting one another. 

Real Stories, Real Transformations

“Jasmine is a very committed coach, & does not shy away from asking difficult questions which prompt self reflection of one's behaviours - an essential element for growth & moving forward.  Jasmines manner is open & non-judgemental, this created a safe environment in which I felt comfortable to share.  I would highly recommend her.”

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