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They say they see you

They say they see you.

But then they don’t invite you to the conversations. But they accidentally on purpose forget to add you to the email communications. But they ignore what you are saying, & yet receive the same message from someone else.

They say they have safe spaces.

But those spaces are far from safe, when it is deemed okay to feel white supremacy is not so bad? But those spaces are homogeneous, and from the start you are an ‘other’. But those spaces aren’t welcoming for those who have a different lived experience.

They say you are welcome.

But they don’t hold the door open But they don’t leave a chair aside for you But they don’t amplify the marginalised voices

They say they care

But then get offended when you raise a question But then judge you for feeling upset at discrimination But then don’t give you a seat at the table.

They say there is no discrimination

But from the moment they see you, they expect you to prove your existence because of how you look. But they reject you on really ridiculous statements But they judge you from the picture they create in their own minds of who you are.

Diversity alone is NOT enough.


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