EvolvExplore deliver creative, thought-provoking & energising coaching sessions.

The founders personal coaching style is creative yet cognitiveintuitive yet established, liberating yet structured - a blend of embodiment, mindfulness, generative thinking, creativity & solution focused coaching.

Our workshops cater for both individuals as well as organisations.



Successful corporations care for their employees wellbeing.  Doing so affords these companies the room to consistently outperform their competition. 


By ensuring that your employees are looked after in the workplace, you are already ahead of the curve.  Give your teams the space to be resilient by constantly offering them respite - this will ensure optimal mental and physical health.


Our creative wellbeing workshops are designed to add a fresh of breath air to ones day.


Gift your employees this programme.  It will uplift their spirits and allow a more creative, innovative energy to emerge.  The return on investment will be teams who are connected, able to collaborate, and left feeling fully resilient.


"A creative life is an amplified life. It’s a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life."  

E Gilbert


Creative Wellbeing encourages the creative process to improve and enhance your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

The sessions are focused on arts, creativity and wellbeing but you don't need to be Van Gogh or Banksy to come along.  This service is open to all, we only ask that you arrive with an open and curious mind.

Creative expression is something that many people wouldn't necessarily think of as a means of improving their wellbeing. If you've never considered it before it is well worth exploring.



Being an effective communicator takes real skill.  Having difficult conversations with other people is a part of both life and work.  In a work context, this could be about discussing performance, feedback or when bringing some challenge to the conversation.  In life being able to address sensitive issues is absolute to healthy relationships. 


Join our dynamic dialogue sessions to refine your ability to understand others and be understood, listen and feel heard.  We can help you become confident communicators, refining your skills so that you assertively speak your truth, & deliver & receive feedback constructively

One example of a dynamic dialogue workshop is our reflection and learn book clubs.  The texts for our interactive read along have social impact threads.  They cover both cultural, societal and political topics.  This enables the individuals who attend to become culturally verse and better able to manage their emotions.  As well as encouraging and fine-tuning their ability to hold and have confident courageous conversations - an essential skill of any team player and leader.  These are all peer to peer learning spaces.    

INDIVIDUAL - for conversations that matter

Are you feeling disheartened by the level of conversations happening around you?

Do you feel unheard, misheard, or misunderstood?

Are you confused by all the mainstream messaging, with an awareness that it doesn't resonate with your way of thinking and being?

Are you looking for liberating, innovative, and creative thinkers?

Find your voice &

be heard

A space for innovative minds & creative hearts

Feel a true sense

of belonging

Share your lived experiences in a safe space

Understand how to communicate clearly & be understood

Collaborative community with future thinkers

We need a dynamic dialogue revolution.


A huge global movement towards how we understand and are understood by each other.  In the way we listen to each other and are heard. 


  • Better personal relationships,

  • More effective group dynamics,

  • Greater social & political cohesion.