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Really enjoyed the workshop sessions.  Jasmine has a great ability to bring together a diverse group of people to discuss different perspectives on a range of relevant topics.  The sessions have been full of new insights and inspiration, creative exchange of different perspectives and actionable ideas. Jasmine's ability to hold the space and energy in the room makes it a great experience for learning, looking forward to the next sessions.

Johannes, Engineer, Germany (Dec 2020)


“Working with Jasmine was extremely valuable. My objective was to move internally within the organisation to a new continent, where in fact there were no immediate roles available at that time.  The entire experience left me feeling more confident in my ability to execute on a plan of action and ultimately make it a reality. I am forever grateful for her coaching and support and cannot recommend her enough.”

Sue, Sales Manager Benelux- Aug 2019

Sue, Country Lead, Malaysia -Jan 2021

Jasmine’s coaching sessions have indeed been transformational. She has a wonderful way of connecting with the other and has the ability to sense in the moment, and gently lead one to obtain new insights. She is dedicated, trustworthy and you feel comfortable working with her. She is also able to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds, and has the ability to facilitate change, both at the individual and group level. Jasmine’s coaching sessions and facilitation style played a critical role in assisting me to stay grounded, amidst the turbulence that we experienced in 2020. She has a lovely gentle nature, complemented with the ability to ignite creativity, and create an atmosphere conducive to facilitating deep dialogue, mindfulness, reflection and a passion for life. 

Cecile, University Professor & Academic, South Africa (Feb 2021)

“Jasmine is a passionate coach and is dedicated to helping your reach your goals.  Her patience and guidance allowed me to shift my perspective, & overcome mental barriers that were preventing me reach my full potential. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking insight, guidance & support in their endeavours.”

Jessica, Musician - Feb 2020

Jessica, Science Teacher UK - Jan 2021

After attending several masterclasses in a coaching summit, Jasmine extended an invitation to join her Brain Based Coaching follow-up sessions to enable further discussions of some of the topics covered in the masterclasses, and of others we as a group came up with during our meetings. For example, we have shared concerns, insights, and opinions on neuroaxiology in coaching, change and neuroscience and how stress and emotions affect our thinking and behaviour.  Jasmine has been an efficient facilitator as she asks pertinent questions and holds a healthy space for all of us to express our thoughts freely during our discussions. I thank Jasmine for the opportunity to share and to grow personally and professionally as I participate in these group meetings.

Marianne, Teacher Mexico, (Jan 2021)

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“Jasmine is a very committed coach, and will not shy away from asking difficult questions which prompt self reflection of one's behaviours - an essential element for growth & moving forward.  Jasmines manner is open and non-judgemental, this created a safe environment in which I felt comfortable to share.  I would highly recommend her.”

Nidal, Dispensing Optician - Oct 2019

Nidal, English Teacher, Japan - Jan 2021

Image by Connor Mollison

Jasmine has a natural passion and talent for bringing like-minded people together from across the globe, for great effect.  Last year Jasmine invited me to join a small, intimate group of professional coaches to collaboratively explore new and creative ways of coaching clients, share and learn from our experiences and actively support one another. That group is now one year old and remains the one I look forward to most throughout the year. Jasmine consistently brings enthusiasm and energy to creating and facilitating a safe, nurturing and fun coaching space for people to share and learn. She is not afraid to embrace new technologies to facilitate the learner experience, and she always brings her whole self to the conversation. I am confident she will bring this same energy and creative joy to her future coaching workshop spaces, and I wish her every success with her ventures. 


Kim, Master Practitioner Coach, Scotland