• Jasmine Gill

Let's change together

Sun 18th July 2021

She reminded me of my nan. And my nan was a strong figure. It was her elegance, from how she dressed and how she glowed as she spoke. This was my nan, it was also this new person sitting opposite me. A sparkle in her eye that I knew too well.

Learning more, I discovered she had her first cycling lesson today, age 70. “Your never too old to learn something”, she said, “so I thought let me give this a go.”

As we spoke I learnt more about her husband, as well as her daughter - whose stories I had already read on linkedin, notably posts regarding the Farmers Protests in India. And her husband, well he was the ‘Skipping Singh’ who hadn’t heard about him!

For his podcast Captain Sir Tom Moore had interviewed the Skipping Singh last year. This lady spoke so fondly regarding her family, and she told me all about her husband receiving an MBE recently for raising money for the NHS. He had inspired millions to skip and stay healthy during the pandemic.

Here I was thinking about whether to join the gym. And here I was listening to stories from someone 30 plus years my senior excelling at health & wellbeing. Not forgetting how they encouraged others and helped the NHS along the way too. So, clearly I was out of excuses.

Here it is, 6 months to reset my life is the plan. Would you like to join me in this journey? Okay 5.25 months - 1st January 2022 is the goal. I shall document my journey on instagram, and maybe snippets on linkedin. I would love to have company on this journey, please do join me and follow my social media.

Nobody just wakes up one day and all of a sudden is a changed person. It happens over time. Let us develop great habits together that create lasting positive change. Whose in?

NB - look out for Cycling Kaur in the near future, and it’s not me. :)