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Being Unique

Being unique is what contributes to making each one of us special. It seems to be a time where we are noticing each others differences. Let us not just notice, but let us appreciate and remain openly curious about the diversity that exists among us.

We are all blessed with unique aptitude’s and virtuosities. We all have distinguishable styles and characteristics. No one lacks this, we may not know it within ourselves or others may look at us with their own lenses, but our blessings still exist nevertheless. Being different is something to be honoured. Life would certainly not be as interesting if all those around me looked like me, spoke like me, or thought like me.

There are numerous values to being diametric, however being different does not mean an automatic rejection of anything other than I. The need to tie labels to our identities can cause conflict. It is pertinent not solely to dignify views that are different to ours but to embrace them as opportunities for expansion of our own mindset. Respecting others views is fundamental.

We are all unique, why not celebrate this fact and accentuate these aspects of ourselves. Be bold and courageous. Dare to venture out of conformed normals. Let us express ourselves fully whilst at the same time also understanding that polarity exists. As different as we are from others, we are also very much the same too. This shared humanity, or collective consciousness is just as an important an aspect as being ones true authentic self.

“Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.” — Cecil Beaton

I am an optometrist, I am also an accredited coach, as well as TESOL teacher. My professional background is multi-dimensional, as is my lived experience. If you are seeking a life coach who helps you truly delve into your authentic self through a creative self discovery journey, then do get in touch.

I am also an executive coach who believes an inclusive mindset is essential for current leadership and workplace environments. If you are someone seeking to be challenged as a leader or an employer who would you like to incorporate inclusivity through your organisation, then do reach out.

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