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We support you in becoming a self-led, organised and inclusive leader with strong presence 

Leadership Coaching


Accumulate the necessary leadership skills to act in the midst of change whilst remaining effective, engaged & energised.  If you are an executive, a leader or a high-potential professional and are ready to recommit to you career & accelerate your growth. 


If you desire a space to explore your leadership style, to understand what aligns with and helps achieve your organisations vision and purpose.  If you want to foster self-awareness, reflect on your behaviours & make positive impact across your teams.  If you have an awareness that being a strong leader involves regular feedback and recalibration and you are will willing to invest. We support you to leverage your passion, experience and strengths to inspire greatness in others.   

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The benefits of leadership coaching


  • Heightened insight, self-awareness and emotional intelligence

  • The ability to motivate, build team cohesion and develop future leaders

  • A style of executive presence and leadership that’s authentic to you

  • The ability to create a vision that inspires others to follow

  • Confidence to connect with others and own your seat at the table

What leadership profile do you need support with?

Strategic Leadership: -Utilise strategy for people management, create organisation, express strategic vision and motivate your team to acquire that vision.  

Innovative leadership:- A style that focuses on applying innovation to increase creativity, competency and collaboration within the workplace. Of benefit in times of uncertainty, ambiguity and risk where it can guide and inspire employees in developing skills needed to improve organisational performance.

Affiliative Leadership:- This leadership style motivates individuals by supporting employees.  By strategically and explicitly focusing on the human element, gain loyalty and support to improve team performance.

Visionary Leadership:- When used effectively this style motivates individuals by focussing their attention on the long term goals of the organisation and how each employee contributes to its delivery and success.

The inclusive leader is globally adept and understands the need to have diverse teams, who are included, heard & have a complete sense of belonging. They are aware that their knowledge needs too far exceed any subordinates, and they are willing to be challenged into action, transforming themselves and their companies.

Inclusive Leadership​

This style allows a leader to manage and lead groups of people efficiently, while respecting their uniqueness in an empathetic, bias-free way.  It’s an authentic leadership style that rules out discrimination allowing employees to feel valued.


Inclusive leaders adapt quickly to diverse scenarios and alternative perspectives with an open, non-judgemental mind to bring many benefits such as teams that perform better, more cohesively and collaboratively. 

Research links inclusion with employee satisfaction, creativity and reduced absenteeism, meaning that employees and employers stand to gain by being more inclusive.  Our social impact bookclub can be part of your D&I strategy.  Our aim is to foster diversity & inclusion, support team cohesion, nurture social connection and promote positive culture change.  

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