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Group coaching offers a collaborative environment where each participant can learn from the insights and contributions of peers, as they do from their own reflections.  

Group Coaching for the Workplace


Impact over Information

Being an effective communicator takes real skill.  Having courageous conversations with other people is an integral part of both life and work.  Within the work context, this could be about discussing performance, feedback or when bringing some challenge to the conversation.  
Our impact over information sessions are designed to allow you the space to practice dialogue.  A place where you have the opportunity to refine your ability to understand others, and be understood, to listen and, to be heard.


We deliver creative, thought-provoking & energising coaching sessions.  Our coaching style is creative yet cognitive, liberating yet structured - a blend of embodied, mindful, generative solution-focused coaching. 

​Inclusion bookclub

Our aim is to build communities of openness, respect & belonging by creating the conditions for genuine human connection.  Through facilitated conversation rooted in carefully chosen narrative literature we encourage readers to challenge assumptions, reflect & deepen relationships.  


Join us to understand diverse perspectives and read alongside others.  Together we will create safe spaces fostering honesty, integrity and inclusion, using the power of stories to share for meaningful connection.  A reflection space with an intimate closed group of  readers, showcasing diverse, underrepresented voices, & lesser known authors.  A bookclub at the intersection of a world full of possibilities & stories.

  • foster deeper understanding between colleagues at a human to human level

  • develop trust & respect across cross-hierarchical groups within the organisation

  • create meaningful connections across cross functional groups

  • create dialogue & discussion around diversity, inclusion & equity topics

  • encourage a culture of openness, respect and critical dialogue

  • multiple employees engaged, communicating confidently and with courage

  • training for inclusive leadership 

Creative Wellbeing

This workshop encourages the creative process to improve and enhance your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Ensure that your employees are looked after in the workplace and be ahead of the curve.  It will gift your teams the space to be resilient by offering them respite and thereby ensuring optimal health.

Our workshops are designed to add a fresh of breath air to ones day, to uplift spirits and allow a more creative, innovative energy to emerge.  The return on investment will be teams who are connected, able to collaborate, and left feeling fully resilient.

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