eco coaching is a powerful antidote to the pressures of the modern world, delivering lasting benefits to your physical & mental wellbeing & creating within you a profound connection to nature

⭕ Eco coaching

We have all experienced challenging moments. Stress can be very debilitating, impacting your sleep, your digestion, inducing many other symptoms including headaches. We use the healing powers of nature to help you re-balance your mind and body.  Together we will explore effective stress management, and wellness strategies personal to you.  

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Eco coaching is a distinctive modality of coaching in nature

  • where nature becomes your co-coach;

  • enhancing your connection to your true self

  • in partnership with the natural world.


To honour the connection & space we allow more time per session.

The ultimate goal is a balanced life where you have vitality, and energy


Whether you need support

  • dealing with your career,

  • work-life balance,

  • relationships or to

  • enjoy life fully

We are here to help.  Time spent in nature affords us a way to relax, de-stress, and connect to ourselves.  We offer a range of locations for eco coaching, why not enquire today and allow this experience to enter your developmental journey.  

Additionally we offer corporate packages catered to support leaders.  Founders, leaders and directors are the cultural architects of the workplace – catalysts that inspire innovation, build resilience & drive performance. 

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