These are our stories, let us make more stories together.  Book clubs are the perfect way to keep reading, talk about what you're reading, and make friends with other readers. 


Join if you would like to diversify your personal bookshelf, read alongside others, and share your reflections. 

We offer facilitated story-based conversations, supporting the opportunity to explore diverse perspectives.  Our aim is to foster honesty, integrity and inclusion.  


We don’t read business books instead we offer narrative fiction and non-fiction because we believe in the power of stories to invite and encourage the sharing of our own experiences fostering meaningful connection.

Young Teacher

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.

– Vera Nazarian


In an ideal workplace we have open dialogue, community and collaboration.  Working together takes trust and respect. Our bookclub starts with social connection in an intimate safe space allowing for deeper sharing and trust to formulate.  In facilitated discussions of books, readers share perspectives, reflect together and have the opportunity to reframe current ways of thinking.


The space can foster deeper understanding between colleagues at a human to human level.  It can help develop trust and respect across cross-hierarchical groups within the organisation.  There is potential to create meaningful connections across cross functional groups.



The reflection spaces create dialogue and discussion around difficult topics such as race, gender, and cultural political topics.  The reading material allows for a deeper dive into topics using storytelling.  The aim is to amplify unheard voices though narrative.



Reading is great tool for workplace wellbeing, as well as creating a culture of openness, respect and critical dialogue.  Organisations have the opportunity to engage many employees at once, with interactive reflection, activities which are specific theme led.