My journey

A reason behind my lack of confidence in childhood, was fear of judgement.  There were many times I wanted to speak up, to participate with others but my shyness was debilitating.  I truly empathise with clients in that sense.  The coaching space I create is an environment where they feel safe to express themselves without fear.  A place where my clients can find their voice.  I know the insecurity I had at the time, hindered me both personally and professionally.  I remember losing out on a placement as the manager felt I did not speak up enough.

I did start to come out of my shell in my 20s, but it was more surface level confidence. At the start of my 30s I still desired to fit into society norms, it felt secure - I thought at the time, ‘this is what I should be doing’, and less about ‘this is what I truly want to be doing’.  The day I began to live for myself occurred in the winter of 2011.  I got fed up of not being heard, and living someone else’s idea of a perfect life. 

Image by Kien Do

I want my clients to have that support that the outside world does not always offer.  Breaking labels and limiting beliefs is an important aspect of my work.  I want my clients to feel supported to live the way they want to."

​My new years resolution for 2013 was to spend the next 1000 days doing all those things I had wanted to do, leaving no excuses for inaction.  I did not intend to waste the freedom I had, not everyone is blessed with liberty, not everyone lives in a country that allows it.  This intention started a process in my universe where my life changed dramatically, beyond my imagination.

I would reach destinations that I would never have envisaged, interact with amazing souls all around the world.  I have true curiosity in my clients, which enables a lively dialogue.  I have an adventurous spirit which ensures creative sessions.  My coaching is definitely not boring!

Saying all this, does not mean my life is without challenges, they still exist.  However I have a certain buoyancy.  Together with my clients we build their individual resiliency plans. 


As recent as Jan 2019 - I was in the midst of grief for the loss of my grandmother.  I had started my coaching journey  two weeks before.  There were two modules in my diploma that helped me process all my emotions - they were mindfulness and embodiment.  I realised things on a much deeper level, and during our turbulent 2020 I have had the opportunity to attend courses and incorporate those understandings on a level I didn't even know existed. 

Having a lifestyle that encompasses all that I desire requires a lot of juggling or as I like to call it now, strategically planning.  For every new idea or venture I draw out my journey, and even if life meanders, I manage to stay on course.  I encourage my clients in the same manner, and support them though coaching to execute their dreams into a tangible reality.​