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My Story

Connecting with new people from all over the world energises me.  Being from a family that lives across a number of continents I have grown up being immersed in a variety of cultures.  I have travelled extensively and hold personal connections across the globe.

I have an inquisitive mind and open heart, thus have never found it difficult to build friendships with people from all walks of life, even language is no barrier. My parents were migrants to the UK and instilled a hard and fast work ethic, they were advocates of self reliability and community spirit.  Being a stranger to a new land comes with its challenges, and having strong community and familial relationships was foundational for them.

My family taught me persistence paves the way to success, the importance of connection, and the richness of generosity.   My background has gifted me a natural determination to be self-reliant and free.  I am assertive and passionate about life with a resilience that only a life full of turns would give.

I support individuals who are not always from the most privileged of backgrounds, I know what it means to balance and navigate spaces which haven’t been designed for you and still excel against the odds.

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"A connector of people, I bring a fresh new perspective to the leadership conversation through my multicultural background, lived experience and portfolio career.  I have a gift for active listening and creative experiential facilitation.  People feel safe in my presence, and comfortable to be their true selves."

How I got here

I have been in professional healthcare for over twenty years, and spent most of my role freelance.  I moved into coaching to make more impact, to work remotely and have more challenge in my career.   Leadership for me is a relational human approach, and an inclusive and innovative mindset is essential in todays world.  I have coached and led leaders, teams and myself in many industries including teaching, media, social care, and health.  I have a executive coaching diploma and am accredited by the EMCC.  I maintain best practice by following the Global Code of Ethics and strive to continually develop myself professionally.

As a leader I am honourable and yet decisive with a solid commanding presence.  I like to take initiative and make things happen.  I choose to coach because I want to empower others to stand on their own.  I see possibilities in people, and like to offer challenges to bring out peoples strengths.  I have a desire to make a major impact, and hold vision, compassion, and heart.

My aim is to promote other peoples learning and development to help them achieve their goals and fulfil their potential.  I am the founder of evolvexplore, and my mission is to promote the expansion of executive coaching by incorporating eastern philosophy and promoting diversity and inclusion in the space.  I am passionate about challenging current systems and encourage other leaders to expand their repertoire of knowledge and start having courageous conversations.

I am a strong advocate for raising the standard for professional coaching and am in racial equity, intergenerational and EDI coaching working groups.  I hope to bring equity in this sphere and thus I also coordinate the coaching of BIPOC/BAME peers globally to provide support, practice and peer-supervision for fellow professional coaches. I regularly receive coaching and supervision to rigorously monitor my aptitude and excellence.  I have chosen to be in group supervision spaces catered for BIPOC/BAME coaches.

Let's connect, whether you a looking for a life coach, leadership development, BIPOC peer coaching support or would like to get to know more about me, following the link in the footer to book in a time.

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